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Drawing upon our experience and in-depth knowledge of business operations, we understand the challenges that businesses face when navigating local cultures, government regulations, talent acquisition, contract agreements, local employees’ work ethics, and differing expectations, etc.

I’m an Indonesian national with an international business management degree from the Netherlands. With years of experience in both Indonesia and the Netherlands, I understand both Indonesian and Western business practices. My Dutch partner, experienced in healthcare and services industry, brings creative insights to reshape organizational structure and clarity.

With our blend of cultures, expertise, and experience, we are the unique and professional consultant team you can rely on whether you are considering starting a business or have already been running one in Indonesia.

We can help you set up your company’s management infrastructure and business effectively and personally. Are you facing management challenges in your business? Are your employees not meeting your standards, lacking loyalty, or seeming like the wrong fit? No challenge is too big for us, and we’re ready to help. Or perhaps you just want to get your business back on track? Let’s talk.


Mangihut Sitompul


+62 812 95 89 7442


Nienke Monster


+62 812 89 84 73037


Navigating Success through Simplicity and Focus. In Simplicity, We Find Focus.

Would you like to know more about us? Feel free to connect with us. We will discuss your situation in a discrete manner.

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