How Do We Work?

Each client presents their own unique case concerning their Business and HR challenges. Drawing upon our practical experience, Global Indep offers six effective, efficient, and crystal-clear steps to address and resolve these issues, guaranteeing the desired outcomes.

1. Analyse the presented case.

2. Identify the issues or key problems.

3. Develop a possible action plan within a predetermined timeframe.

4. Review and evaluate the selected course of action.

5. Implement the chosen plan.

6. Evaluate the established structure/solutions.

The above 6 steps can be implemented based on an assessment of your organization’s size, the required implementation strategy, and the complexity of the perceived issues. Our proposed timeframes are as follows: 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year.

Steps 1 to 4 typically consume 10 percent of the time. During this stage, Global Indep will aim to explore and understand your company’s operations, teams, overall strategy, and culture.

Step 5 will account for approximately 80 percent of the time. Your senior and junior management teams will be facilitated and empowered to execute the chosen action plan. This ensures that the changes are supported by your organization.

Step 6, a crucial phase, will occupy the remaining 10 percent of the time, guaranteeing the sustained implementation of the established structures and solutions.

We build efficient and effective management and infrastructure systems. With these systems in place, you can let them work for you, streamlining your operations and ensuring business success.

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